Today I was training two women on using social media and it occurred to me that our visitors and members would benefit from the way I do my training.

In order to help people understand what I am saying when I work with them, it is a great benefit if I can see their computer screen or they mine. I use a tool called TEAMVIEWER to share desktops. It is an amazing FREE (for personal use) tool that you simply download and save to your desktop. It works with MAC, PC’s and Mobile devices.

According to everyone I have shared this with, TeamViewer is by far one of the simplest computer sharing tools I have worked with. 

You can also access your computer remotely when you enable that feature on TeamViewer. You can transfer big files, share computers, host online meetings, collaborate and much more!

In the first video you will learn how to download the Teamviewer software.



In this second video I show you how to launch Teamviewer and connect with another computer



To download your personal copy go to . There are also options for professional upgrade if you need a more enhanced version or more capabilities.