Trade shows have always been an integral element of marketing, both for traditional businesses and e-commerce ventures. They serve the opportunity to get the attention of the target audience. The pandemic put trade shows on hold for some time, but they are back with a bang. Things are different in the new normal as you can expect fewer people and more rules. There is a need to revise your strategy to ensure that your brand stands out at the event. As a woman entrepreneur, the mission may sound even more daunting. But you can follow some advice to match the challenge and make a mark. Here are some viable trade show lessons for women entrepreneurs. 

Know your reasons

The worst way to attend the event is to start without planning, and it is where most women leaders go wrong. They dive right in because they are enthusiastic about the project. Your priority should be to know the reason for exhibiting at the show. You may want to get sales leads, make sales, educate your audience, build brand awareness , or promote a new product or campaign. The overall strategy depends on the objective, so be sure to identify it. 

Create an audience persona

Besides knowing your reasons, you must identify your audience persona before planning your strategy. Focus on factors like demographics, needs, and budgets to identify your perfect prospect. Select the solutions to their pain points, and make them the cornerstone of your exhibit. It is the only way to stand apart and capture the audience’s attention in a crowd. 

Design a compelling exhibit

A compelling exhibit is the mainstay of trade show success. Luckily, women are inherently in a better place to do it because of their superior aesthetic sense. You can collaborate with a design artist to create your banner design, but be sure to give your creative input. The positioning of your banner stand is also crucial as it ensures the audience’s attention. Have an outstanding graphic with a selling message, and place it well to win the trade show game. 

Train your people

Trade shows have a unique selling model, where people play as crucial a role as the promotional material. Training your staff before the event becomes imperative, so make sure you invest in it. You can do it with role-play sessions using props and presentations to get everyone on the same page. Ensure that your trade show staff knows how to use props and conduct demos. They must be presentable, well-dressed, and polite as well. 

Promote like a pro

Promotions are perhaps the most crucial aspect of trade show marketing. An actionable event promotion plan gets people to your booth, makes it more visible, and delivers effective benefits even after the show is over. Put banners and billboards in the right places, and do not miss out on the press publications. It is a great idea to use online channels for promotion to drive traffic. 

Women are great at reaching out, and you have your chance to show the penchant at trade shows. Besides leveraging your inherent abilities, follow these simple lessons to make an impact at events. 

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