If you’re at a loss as to what sorts of articles you can fill your site with, refer to these Eight Most Popular Web Article Content Writing Formats. Nearly all of these will work for the web because they’re broken into informational bits and bytes. Any article that can be presented in chunks or steps is well-received by people searching for your type of content.

Web Article Content Writing Formats for Your Website:

The How-To
The “List of Reasons”
The Q&A
The Straw Man
The 5- or 7- Tips
The Interview
The Product Review
The How-To Article

The How-to Article

Everybody wants to know how to do something, whether it’s How to Hammer in a Nail Without Busting Your Thumb, How to End an Extramarital Affair, How to Get the Most Money Back on Your Taxes, or How to Write a Fantastic Web Article. Just pick a hot topic that you’re well-familiar with, type in your “How-To” headline, and let the content flow. Writing content should be about things you know, or that is well-researched. Be sure to add plenty of visuals and screenshots to demonstrate the “how to”. Using visuals in your how-to will help the reader understand your message and be able to implement your strategies right away.

The “List of Reasons” Article

Convey your passion through the pages of your site. Get charged up about whatever it is that you do, and list some reasons out for them to read. “Ten Reasons More than Half the US Businesses are Run by Women,” “Five Reasons to Start a Business in 2018,” “Seven Reason to Buy Your Child a Pet Rock for Christmas” or whatever covers your niche area and would prompt a discussion or a share on social media.

The Q&A Article

The Q&A, or Question and Answer, does a perfect job of answering those Frequently Asked Questions posed by your prospects and clients. Write an article and nip those questions in the bud. Post the link on your homepage, in an “FAQ” section of your website, from your Facebook page, and anywhere else where people go online to get good info. Q&A can also be a generic way to show that you have advanced knowledge of a subject.

The Straw Man Article

The term “Straw Man” is taken from the debate world. Straw Man is when you play Devil’s Advocate in your article by listing the opposing view, point by point, and then knocking down each point with your own rebuttal. This one is a little trickier if you’re not used to writing in argument form, but once you get the hang of it, Straw Man is pretty fun. For example, “Six Excuses Not to Get a CSA This Summer and Why They’re Totally Bogus.”

The 5- or 7- Tips Article

This type of article content is very similar to the Reasons Why article, except instead of presenting a case for something, you’re just offering some good advice. Since the internet is full of information-hungry prospects, why not make their day with 5 or 7 tips that cover a topic you know inside and out? Five Tips on Keeping Cool in a Crisis; Five Tips on Choosing a Hearing Aid; Seven Tips for Organizing Your Workspace.

The Interview

The Interview Article is a great way to get your name out there in your own field while aligning yourself with other prominent people in the business. I love the  interview. Its pretty easy to come up with content because you create the questions once, share them with the people you want to interview and they send you the finished article. Email makes it easier than ever to quickly tap out a few good questions and have your spotlighted guest send back some thoughtful replies in writing. Be sure and read the article and proof for errors. Not everyone is a writer and even if the interviewee is answering the questions, it will be a reflection on you if it has a lot of errors and omissions.

Select someone who can offer advice that will prove interesting to your target audience. Make it someone who is at least semi-fantastic, even if only to some micro niche of eager nerds who make up a small cult following. It helps to know someone in PR for this, or at the very least, be bold and reach out past your comfort zone. What started out as an interview of your own mother could end up being your next celebrity cook-off starring Rachael Ray.

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The Product Review

The product review is the way to go if you intend on earning money via affiliate income, which you really should if you want to go through all the bother of having a website. Social media has made it even easier to push your product reviews further out into the world, which could mean a nice, meaty chunk of earnings for you.  Product reviews are also public service messages because people need a reason to buy or not to buy.  Give it to them. Be sure you use the appropriate disclaimers in this type of content writing.

The article could and should also be part of your funnel, leading people to take some sort of action.  For instance, we have a new resource called Sales Funnel Secrets – listed on our What’s New Fall 2018 page.  It can help you come up with the steps to create your sales funnels and fix the funnels you have that may not be performing the way you expected. Go ahead and check it out today!

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