Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, a prolific blogger, or own an e-commerce site, you need to know a few technical skills that will help you solve any difficult situation that may arise in the world of online entrepreneurship. 

Below we’ll mention the top three technical skills that must be in your toolkit:

#1: Web Development Basics

Even if you don’t own a site (yet), it’s important to understand what happens behind the pretty user interface. We’re not asking you to start learning Python or C#, but it would help if you’d know basic HTML, CSS, and JS (among others). These are the languages that basically run the internet and can be found in anything from mobile apps to regular-looking websites. 

Luckily, it’s easy to find the right web development courses for your level, so you just need to set aside some time and a bit of motivation. Once you start learning, you’ll be able to understand how the online world works and why certain elements can help boost your success. In addition, if something breaks on your site and support is not available, you may be able to do a quick fix and reduce downtime, which is extremely useful for business. 

#2: SEO and Google Analytics

While Google Analytics has improved a lot in the last couple of years, it still looks scary for beginners. Moreover, the rules of SEO seem to change with every new Google algorithm update

In reality, both SEO and Google Analytics are built using a logical approach based on the way the internet works in modern times. Through SEO, site owners have the possibility to improve their pages and attract more relevant customers while algorithm updates are focused on improving the overall search experience. 

Moreover, SEO practices are just as useful on other online platforms like social media. So, if you really want to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you need to know at least some basic SEO rules such as:

  • How to make a keywords study and how to use keywords most efficiently
  • Why meta descriptions and image descriptions are still important
  • How to create SEO-ready content
  • The importance of link building
  • How to check if your site is healthy (from an SEO perspective)
  • The power of fresh content and constant updates

Today’s SEO is laser-focused on customer experience and the value your site can offer to people who search for related topics. However, to understand what your audience is looking for, you will need to use Google Analytics reports and feedback. Therefore, these two elements go hand-in-hand. 

#3: Understand How Social Media Works

If you’ve grown with social media at your fingertips, you may think there’s nothing that can surprise you here. But this is a huge mistake that may cost you in visitors, user interaction, and revenue!

Just like Google constantly updates its search algorithms, so do social media platforms constantly work on their development. So, you need to stay up to date with changes in design, algorithms, and other elements that may influence your page’s or account’s visibility. In addition, you can combine social media and SEO practices to make sure your content gets maximum visibility. 

Wrap Up

In summary, being an online entrepreneur is not an easy job. It takes a lot of preparedness and planning, and things can change from one day to another!