It’s amazing where internet marketing has taken business. Today, business owners have more technology and resources than ever before. One marketing strategy is geo targeting, which smart business owners are taking advantage of.

What Is Geo Targeting?

Geo targeting starts by using technology, cookies actually, to determine the location of a website visitor. Cookies are little markers or pieces of text that are placed on a person’s browser and stored. Once the cookie has been placed, business owners can deliver content to that person based on their location or other criteria.

So Why Would a Business Use Geo Targeting? What are the Benefits?

Many pay-per-click advertising programs like Google AdWords , Facebook advertising and other programs, offer geo targeting as an option when you’re designing or setting up your advertising campaign.

Geo Targeting Helps You Save Money

When you’re able to focus specifically on demographic characteristics for your audience you don’t waste clicks, exposures or money on people who won’t benefit or be interested in your product or service. Quite simply, geo targeting helps each click you pay for count.

More Targeted Advertisements

One of the advantages of PPC (pay-per-click) is that you can create highly targeted ads. Originally, keywords were the only resource you had to target prospects. Now, you can fine-tune your advertisements for each market. Imagine being able to create specific advertisements based on your prospect’s demographics.

If, for example, you’re an affiliate for an outdoor clothing company, you can advertise summer clothing to those in warmer climates and cold weather clothing to those who live in the land of snow.

Many PPC programs enable you to target based on interest, age, and other demographic information.

Better Advertising Results

Your click-through rate will improve when you’re able to fine-tune each advertisement for your chosen demographic. A better return on your investment is always welcome.

Better Conversions

Imagine being able to send specific prospects to a landing page customized specifically for them. Pretty powerful, right? You’ll be able to boost your conversion rate for each promotion and offer.

For local businesses that are targeting their local audience, geo targeting is very helpful. It helps them to reach their desired audience.

Since the focus is fully on the local audience, submitting websites in local business listings and search engines are useful.[

Finally, if you’re a local business owner, then geo targeting ensures the only people who see your advertisements are local people – people who will be able to and interested in doing business with you. Geo targeting isn’t new technology; it’s been around for a few years. However, it’s catching on with small business owners. It enables you to compete with the big businesses and make the most of your advertising dollars.