Maria Patterson is a Platinum Level Member of Women in Ecommerce™ and an active member of the South Florida Chapter. Maria was instrumental in securing NetOne Systems as a Ruby Sponsor of the Celebrity Auction and Golden Mouse awards taking place on September 27th in South Florida.

Here’s a little bit about Maria:

Maria Patterson is very excited to work with internet marketing ,website developments and solutions at NetOne Systems. NetOne Systems, a small, local company offers a wide array of solutions from a starter website to the most elaborate e-commerce/ internet marketing packages. Maria and the team at NetOne combines experienced professionals in the design, copy writing and programming fields. I am very excited to be a part of a team that leverages the latest cutting edge technologies of today helping our client’s companies grow for a more efficient and profitable tomorrow! The golden age of information is here, NOW!

According to Maria, “I’m very excited to be working in the field of technology and the golden age of information. I have combined my experience with marketing and project management to launch a my career in website development and internet marketing/sales.”

Maria has experience as a Business Administrator and Marketing Specialist with a master’s degree in Eco Tourism Marketing Management for small businesses and lodges. Before joining NetOne, she held a position as a leading member of the first group to develop meaningful and lasting regulations for eco -tourism in Brazil. In 2002 Maria wrote an manual of best practices for eco-tourism using small lodges. She developed a strong reputation industry wide and recognition for her work with private organizations and government agencies in Brazil .

Maria decided to travel around the world including Europe, exotic Islands and North America to experience other cultures and life-styles. After studying English for 6 months in the United States she returned to Brazil and applied all the experience she received while on her travels around the world. During those travels Maria fell in love with the United States and one wonderful American man. So, she moved back to the US and has since been working with a variety of small businesses in California and Florida ever since.

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