Pinterest is the latest craze in social networks. At the time these videos are being recorded there are more than 12 million people registered on Pinterest .

With Pinterest you can make friends, promote a lifestyle, use it like a focus group, crowdsource ideas, run contests, honor others and have one easy place to access important visuals you in one place.

In this 3-part video tutorial video (less than 15 minutes combined) I will show you how to set up an account and how to use pinterest. In video one we talk about how to get an “invitation” to join and set up your account:

You can like pictures, pin pictures to your own board or repin other peoples’ graphics (called pins) to your own board. Repinning is easy and nothing is required.

To add your own picture you will need to activate the PinIt button. Do that by dragging it to the bookmarks as shown in video two:

You can also pin your own files on your own computer by going to the top menu and clicking “Add+”, and selecting “Upload a Pin”.

Once you upload the pin, you create a category to pin the picture to. Pinterest also gives you a list of suggested categories which you can use or make up your own the way I did in the video did. It will be listed in your account as a BOARD.

Don’t worry if you pin something to the wrong board because you can edit and change the board. Or delete if you prefer.

If you prefer not to have your pins shared on FACEBOOk or twitter go to: on the top menu click on your profile picture or name or drop down arrow, and select “Settings”, on the settings page scroll down to the bottom and select “On or Off” for Facebook and/or Twitter.

To see your boards, go to your account by clicking on either your photo, your name or the down arrow in the top right hand corner of Pinterest. This is the page you can also see how many are following you and you are following. When you click on either one, you can see their six most recent “pins.” If you like one, click on it and repin it to your own wall.

You can even add a price to a pin. Here’s how:

In the description box add the “$” symbol and the price in number format, that will put the price in the top corner of your pins, (show with Quirky Marketing Calendar in my business books board.

That’s Pinterest in a nutshell! Check out the cool infographics about Marketing Your Business with Pinterest below to learn more about why Pinterest is fast becoming business owners newest social marketing tool. And be sure to follow me on Pinterest at . You can also follow Rosana Santos (used in the videos to demonstrate how Pinterest works) at .



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