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What is GDPR and How does it affect My Business Online?



Date: Wednesday, May 30th
Time: Noon to 12:30pm

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce will share a quick overview of this new regulation and how it has everyone in a tizzy scrambling to get it done before the deadline (May 25th). She will talk about the cost of not taking the GDPR seriously, what is needed to comply and some simple solutions to get your sites ready in less than an hour without having to do a lot of research or spend several hundred dollars doing so.

This is a FREE event. Members of Women in Ecommerce will receive access to

A Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms and Conditions Policy and the Request for Personal Data Form they can edit and use on their websites. These are the very forms Women in Ecommerce is now using on our site to meet the GDPR regulations deadlines.


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