Here are TEN Tech and Online Resources to Save Time, Money and Help You do Business Online including: The LDA Content Optimizer,  Good Keywords, Rebel Mouse, Zoom.US,, KeyRingApp, PeekYou, Google Translate Tool, and our very own  QR Code Creator. Read on for more details:

Increase relevancy for your website and in turn increase page rank using the LDA Content Optimizer tool. This tool will crawl your site and similar sites with a higher ranking. The LDA Content Optimizer tool will also give you a list of keywords being used by your competition that are  missing from your website.

Good Keywords is a program which can provide you with a long list of keyword related functions and needs. Generate unique and powerful long-tail keywords, and even create keyword phrases from mis-spelled
words: is today’s alternative to SKYPE.  Some reasons we love The video and sound quality is better. There are almost never any dropped lines due to connection speeds.  You can have more than two people on video for free. Zoom’s FREE (personal) version has almost all the features of the Business version with the exception of meeting length and user management. The free version limits your meeting time to 40 minutes for up to 25 participants, and there is no download of software. It’s truly click and play. also offers HD video and voice, desktop and application sharing, active and spotlight speaker, iPad and iPhone screen sharing, schedule meetings, recording and playback, private and group chats, host controls, and Google and Facebook IM.

RebelMouse provides a homepage for all your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Social media content is gathered automatically, constantly refreshed, and can be rearranged as you like. You can create new posts, invite people to contribute to, or follow your page, etc. is a free email reminder service that makes it extremely simple to follow-up with anyone (including yourself). Simply write a normal email and include the in the CC or BCC fields.

With , customers can scan all their cards into their smartphones and sync cards among family members and get merchant promos.

PeekYou is a people search site that associates a weblink with an individual.

Translate foreign languages with ease. Try and build stronger communication ties when writing.

Keep track of all the links you share in your social network with The service collects each link and makes them searchable, making the process of managing your social profiles an easy one.

Create a New QR Code with the Women in Ecommerce QR Code Creator

Use these Ten Tech Resources to manage your time and money on line!