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"Amazing Advertising Tips to grow your online business"In a continuing effort to provide our audience with high-value information that you can easily and immediately implement, we have created the 30 Strategies to Grow Your Online Business Series.

The first, 30 Advertising tips to Grow Your Business Offline or Online: Part One: 30 Strategies to Propel Your Business & Increase Your Bottom Line is part-one of an eight-part series which also includes a 10 10 minute audio and a 10 page Special Report (PDF) transcript of the audio program.

Here are 3 tips from this audio:

Number 1 Tell your audience what kind of support they’ll get after they buy. It could be free consulting, tech support, free servicing, etc. This may also answer some of their buying questions ahead of time. People don’t want to buy products without knowing you will be there to help if they have problems.

Number 2 Ask people at the end of your copy why they decided not to buy. This will give you new ideas on how to produce ad copy that’s more profitable. Have a web form or e-mail link in place so they can answer you. You may find out they don’t like your guarantee or graphics. It could be anything.

Number 3 Think of ways to get your site or business in the the news. You could sponsor a fundraiser, break a world record, hold a major event, etc. Simply write a press release about what you’ve accomplished, then send it to media outlets that cater to your target audience.

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